Posted by: Dinesh Kapur | December 5, 2008

My First Web-Comic !!

Ladies and gentlemen, I am no longer a web-comic virgin ..
This one is titled – “Stud Muffin and the Computer Malady”
Harish wooing .. woo hari woo

Harish wooing .. woo hari woo


Punch - line !! (Or not - Somewhere, Trevor says - I am your conscience ..)

Punch - line !! (Or not - Somewhere, Trevor says - I am your conscience ..)

Ok, its open season now .. shoot !!



  1. Decay in the name of sanity, humanity and the FSM,

    the drawing stinks

    LET ME DRAW >.<!!

  2. No further comments till ‘hari alu’ comments.

  3. Who the bleeding fuck out of your ass ever called me ‘hari alu’?
    Quite sexist, looking at the amply endowed women fawning over me. And why is the surface of my skull a sine curve?

    I’ll say it before any one else does, I have been pwnd. You bastard.

  4. Yep you’ve been owned.

    But the drawing sucks.

    ….those are women??

    And what’s with the eyepatch?! Somali inspired..?

  5. … *speechless*

    How the hell did you fracture your foot while sitting at the PC all day, AND your hand, unless…

  6. interesting perception of women! unless you meant this to be solely for your male coterie readership, eh?!
    and the drawing. wow. i never thought there could be anybody as bad as me! though i certainly don’t make male figures with their ..

  7. you know wat it reminds me of something……oh i forgot


    Make ur characters lesser anatomically correct(read as boobs) and comically incorrect.

    Look at explosm for some ideas

    BUT HARI ALU ROCKS..(Really find of this century)

  8. Guffaw Guffaw!

  9. Wait a minute!
    Scene 2: The girls, whose attention was previously fixed sqaurely on Senor Hari Alu, suddenly turn to thee with broad smiles and heaving … and go “Oo..”?
    You arse! Despite a series of injuries and an eye-patch, you still manage to steal away chicks that seemed interested! Woo Hari Woo? Decay needn’t even bother to get the desired results!

  10. let it go harish, you have been decimated, no point trying to retaliate you know…

  11. Ahem….

  12. How many times did you run the pencil over the breasts before posting? You are still doing it , right?

  13. @ Bhukha

    I stopped when I realized you had prints of the web-comic stashed away between your books.

    A little eager on your part, don’t you think ..

  14. @ Disha

    Hello ..

    Throat Lozenges? Orange or Honey?

  15. @ Guha

    Your advice to Harish marks your sensibility.

    By the bye – as for the drawings – sorry they are bad, but not by choice .. and also, YOU ARE NEXT !

  16. @ Venom

    Thanks !

    @ Mr. Bhasin

    I knew you would particularly like the humour invovled ..

    You obviously saw what you liked .. er .. liked what you saw ..

  17. @ Manavi Kapur


    The pictures shown in no way represent the author’s general comprehension of women or men.

    The scenes depicted are purely restricted to certain specific incidents.

    P.s. – Well it is easy to draw what popular culture throws at society.
    Your drawings probably do not have those certain, ‘extrapolations’, because such a culture is not abound, yet ..

  18. @ Ze Software engineer – Nimish Batra

    How would you know? Lately, you don’t seem to get much work time on them computers ..

    Also, it doesn’t help when my mouse is for right-handed beings and I use my left .. TO CLICK !!

    @ Harish Alagappa / THF / Hari Alu

    Gotcha !

    Don’t kill me !

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