Posted by: Dinesh Kapur | November 2, 2012

The Daily Olympics – Old Wine in a New Bottle? Old beer in a New Bottle? Old writing New Post?

An old post that I wrote for a website. The website is gone, but the article remains. One of my pieces of writing, that I enjoyed. Will you?


He stares ahead. His eyes squint, brow furrows and sweat trickles down his forehead. This is it, he realizes. His goal is staring him in the face. He must move fast or else this opportunity will quickly settle away into the horizon. His brisk walk now quickens. He looks around, and realizes that a sea of competitors is converging towards the finish. He breaks into a run. The finish line seems to move further ahead, he pushes himself harder. Breathing heavily, arms flailing and running as fast as his legs can carry him. His hands grope the air, looking for support, something to hold on to. He nudges a few and shoves the others on his way to triumph.

His hand clasps around the bar. He jumps onto the stairs. The battle is almost over. He steadies himself and looks around to those who lost out to him, and then everyone else. His face breaks into a massive grin. He smiles gleefully, from one ear to the other, with all his teeth cheering – even the broken ones.

And then he says, “ek ticket dena bhaisaab, dus rupeya ka.”

The above, is obviously your average DTC bus commuter. The protagonist is male, because, lets face it, those retired Kamikaze pilots posing as DTC bus drivers do make it a point to stop for women. However, this does not imply that women are robbed of a chance to enjoy their daily exercise regime. Our daily Olympics don’t stop at running after these monsters of metal – bus journey’s can easily qualify as a multi-disciplinary event – a triathlon for common folk like you and me.

Now, famous poets, writers and thinkers would argue, that the journey is a lot more important than the destination, and hence quotes like

“Too often we are so preoccupied with the destination, we forget the journey”

I wouldn’t be surprised if the people who shed such pearls of wisdom haven’t ever travelled in a bus, in Delhi. Also, I promise to ‘remember’ the journey – if you can get me a seat!

Speaking of seats in buses – I was lucky to witness phenomenal action in the long jump event. A man, who was probably in his late 40s, creamed the world record (and a few people!) with a leap that flew all the way from the conductor’s seat to an empty one behind the driver – breathtaking action, quite literally for a few. For those of you who can’t out leap the competition, there is another approach to winning the proverbial medal – freestyle wrestling. A game practiced with a lot of passion and skill, especially by the ‘healthy’ variety of travelers.

Personally, I am not particularly fond of all the jumping and tackling. Invariably I find myself enjoying another kind of exercise – gymnastics. I have to admit, I never knew the extent of my body’s flexibility till I got onto a bus. Twisting, turning, shifting from one bar to the other, hanging on, and then hanging on for life – I deserve nothing less than a perfect 10!

Hopefully my campaign to get the ‘Bus-a-thon’ full fledged Olympic status works out – surely then we’ll have a few more medals to brag about!

Till then, I hope you have a safe journey!



  1. am i the only one who reads your blog?
    regiment, not regime.

  2. nopeee i was wrong, too. google says it’s regimen.

  3. @anya – There are others. I am sure. They just choose to be silent these days. But hey, I am glad that you read the blog. Your reading suggests that what I write is interesting. I think my readers will be regular if I am.

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