Posted by: Dinesh Kapur | November 20, 2012

Oh look, a shiny new post!

The more I engage with life

The more disillusioned I become

The more disillusioned I become

The more I need to engage with life, to catch up

I haven’t blogged in a while. To be perfectly honest, I thought my writing had reached a level, where it was close to being worth something. I felt that I had to practice it like an art, and hone the writing on my own. To make it better. To take it higher.

So I opened yet another parallel track in my life to start writing on my own, on the side. It started well, like all good things, and then nothing. The sheets of paper started going blank. Doc files were created less frequently. The ones that were created, were rarely finished. The ink remained, and the keystrokes dried up.

‘Screeeeccchhhh’. Grinding halt. I stopped writing altogether.I stopped blogging. I’ve realized over time, that I stopped doing something that was the equivalent of a good workout. I stopped doing something that I enjoyed. I stopped doing something that sometimes, you enjoyed, i.e. the people that read my blog.

What happens when you stop exercising? Things get flabby. Thoughts get weak. Jokes go lame. Ideas start to fail.

I haven’t been away from the process of writing. But ‘creative writing’ like blogging needs to be visited frequently, and with intensity. I feel like I need to learn how to run again. It could have been worse. I am glad that I am back now.




  1. Welcome back, old friend. Your writers block has only one cure, as I’ve discovered – keep writing. Find the right tools, or don’t find anything and just open a text document and start putting your thoughts down. If there’s nothing else to write, write a diary entry. Keeping a journal is the best way to keep writing. Of course, you could also write about the pain and pleasure of a normal life, as you have in a more recent post associated with this one… 🙂

  2. @Nitin – Nice comment. I welcome the return of the comments, just the way you have greeted by return to the blog.

    I have a journal. It comes to life once a month. But all of that is changing, for the better.

    And I like your website. Minimalistic design, but very decent functionality. Good stuff!

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