This is where it begins .. again. So this is the umpteenth time I am starting a blog, hopefully this one will stick. In case you are wondering, yes, I am the chap who has taken up all those URLs on different blogging domains across the web.

VISION: This blog shall comprise an eclectic mix of  humourous accounts, thought provoking writing and a space for meaningful dialogue.

REALITY:  Yeah right !!

I hope you enjoy / have enjoyed whatever this blog has to offer.




  1. hey dino…
    nice blog…i like the take on ur life….and everything else….
    seems to be one blog i wil be reading quite often…esp coz i dun meet u over the net – despite the unending LAN!!

    the blog was worth the wait!! gud 1

  2. you earned another frequent visitor to your blog!! 😉

  3. Have a nice day !

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